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There are multiple numbers of synthetic grass systems on the market, they all look very similar but are made from various materials or manufactured using different techniques and designed to be used in multiple ways.

It is essential when planning your project to specify the type of synthetic grass that is required and for which particular sport.


A synthetic pitch that is non-sand filled and optimises ball to surface contact and overall playing features. The synthetic carpet is laid on a rubber shock pad and would be ideal for hockey. The field has to be irrigated prior to use.


There are many designs of sand-dressed pitches that are now available to the market, this offers excellent playing features. They have a shorter, denser pile than the standard filled grass systems and have a reduced quantity of sand infill usually of the pile height.​

The sand dressed system is often specified as an alternative to the non-filled irrigated fields for hockey.


A sand-filled system is a versatile and durable system that can be used for hockey, football and tennis, etc.

The sand is usually taken within 3mm of the fiber tip.

The fibers and sand combine to form the playing features of the pitch, and it is essential that the level of sand is maintained throughout the facility life cycle.

This is an ideal choice for schools and clubs that have a multi-sports approach to their playing surfaces.




3G pitches are filled with sand, rubber or a combination of both.

The using of rubber granules in the infill to the system is designed to provide some of the shock absorptions and are sometimes mixed with sand or incorporated with the sand in layers.  Surfaces that fall into this category differ from the standard sand filled systems in the pile height, commonly up to 65mm high with a 2/3 infill.

These pitches can be installed on a shock pad, macadam base or even directly over a compacted stone base. They offer a more natural-looking appearance and more precise playing characteristics than those synthetic systems that just have a sand infill, players can use a full studded boot on this surface.


These synthetic pitches can be installed over any size from a full-sized pitch to a 5-a-side pitch. Standards of installation range up to FIFA 1 star and FIFA 2 star systems.

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